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Safety of Our Handheld Lidar Scanner

Our handheld scanner’s LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) laser operates at a wavelength of 830nm (part of the near-infrared spectrum). This wavelength is beyond the range of human vision, ensuring the laser emitted will not cause any visual distraction to those present during its operation.

In addition to being invisible, the device is classified as a Class 1 laser in accordance with IEC standard 60825-1. Class 1 lasers are safe for the eyes, meaning there is no risk of retinal damage from exposure to the laser through typical usage. This safety classification allows the device to be operated in various environments without concern for the well-being of bystanders.

The combination of non-visibility and its high safety classification ensures the device can be used effectively and securely in spaces where both accuracy and the safety of individuals are of paramount importance.