How to Hold the Phone

Not sure how to hold your phone using GoodMaps?

Unlike typical navigation apps, GoodMaps uses a different technology that requires your phone’s camera to find your position in a building and provide accurate directions when routing.

To use the app:

  1. Raise your phone vertically in portrait orientation, with the back camera facing out and the phone screen facing your chest. You will hear a “success” sound when your phone is held correctly.

    #1 How to hold the phone
  2. Slowly pan your phone from left to right. This allows the back camera to scan different objects in your environment to detect where you are within a building.

  3. If your position is unable to be found:
    1. Try panning your back camera towards different areas in the building or move to a new location and scan again.
    2. Try moving to a new location and scan again.
  4. While en route, keep your phone vertical with the screen facing your chest to ensure accurate directions.
  5. To view the 2D Map:
    #2 How to hold phone 
    1. Flip your phone down and the 2D Map screen will appear.

  6. To see the AR view:#3 How to hold the phone
    1. Flip your phone up vertically.