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The GoodMaps App – Client FAQ

GoodMaps announces an exciting new look.

As one of our established customers, we’re delighted to share with you, news of our soon to be released app. Since 2019 GoodMaps has been delivering cutting edge indoor navigational routing with our Explore app, throughout this time we have been listening to and collating both user and customer feedback. We’re thrilled to share the culmination of this work and detail some of the exciting features.

What do I need to know?

The new GoodMaps app is not only a fully redesigned experience complete with enhanced features, but we’ve also changed our entire approach to how the app is coded, and the way in which we produce our apps is switching from OSM to IMDF; more on this later. With a new app comes a new way of managing your map too, so not only will your end users have a better GoodMaps experience, so will you in managing your venues map.

Key app Changes:

  • An all-new visual experience. Fully redesigned from the ground up, our app is now more intuitive, clean and simple to use. With a visual map, users will now be able to understand a venues layout in a more conventional manner. Directions will be illustrated, and users will be able to instinctively interact with the map to get directions quickly, easily and efficiently.
  • Knowledge is power, take the guess work out of a venue by seeing its layout prior to arriving.
  • Directions that move you, routing just got simpler; more than just spoken instructions, GoodMaps now shows you the way you need to go.

Coming Soon UX changes:

We’re always improving and are delighted to confirm that an augmented reality navigational experience is just one of a number of additional experiences that our end users will be able to benefit from in the upcoming months.

When is the new app available from?

We’ll begin migrating customers over to our new app starting towards the middle of 2023. The process is entirely seamless from your needing to be involved. Since the new app utilizes an entire new architecture, we need to migrate venues maps over to the new IMDF map standard. This means that we’d seek to determine a date range with you in advance to discuss this transition period and answer any questions. As a result of the migration process, not every customer can be converted at the same time. In general, we’ll be anticipating migrating existing venues over in a sequential order based on customer acquisition date followed by ensuring that there’s no specific timing requirements for individual customers/locations.

Things to note:

  • Once your map is converted over to IMDF format, to be compatible with the new app, end users still running our old app will need to download the new app to continue to benefit from the GoodMaps technology within your venue.
  • As we move towards a final date when our customers are all migrated, we’ll be adding a popup notification within our legacy Explore app indicating to download our new app.

What do we need from you?

The great news is that as our technology is backward compatible, you won’t need to do anything to take advantage of these improvements, better still, there’s no change in your annual license fee. As an existing customer we’ll coordinate with you to determine a date on when we will be able to convert your building and enable the new navigation app within your building.

So for now, keep an eye out for additional updates, be ready with any questions for when our team reach out, and we look forward to sharing with you our latest evolution of navigational technology.