Features and Functionalities

GoodMaps Studio features include:

  • Map Editor
  • Map Display
  • Map Controls
  • Entity Page
Feature Definition Functionality
Map Editor
  • Text-based information viewer and editor.
  • Corresponds to information on Map Display.
  • View building information.
  • View entity information (POIs, doors, rooms, areas, etc.).
  • Edit entity names, security roles, languages.
  • Add a POI anywhere on the map and name it.
Map Display
  • Visual information viewer.
  • Corresponds to Map Editor.
  • View building in 2D and multifloor.
  • View entities on map (POIs, rooms, areas, etc.).
  • View entity names and security roles.
Map Controls
  • Interface elements and keyboard shortcuts that allow the user to manipulate the map.
  • Floor Switcher.
  • Zoom.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts.
Entity Page
  • Page that features doors, rooms, and other Points of Interest (POIs).
  • Entity pages are the same for each entity (except beacons, which have different information).