Building & Destination Information Cards

Learn more about Building & Destination Cards in the GoodMaps app.


Building Information Cards, along with the 2D Visual Map, load instantly upon users' Check-In to a GoodMaps-compatible building, offering comprehensive details about the selected building. Additionally, Destination Information Cards load when users search for or select a point of interest within a building.
Expanded Bldg Card

Highlights & Specifications

  • Building Information Cards provide you with: 
    • Building address and website
    • Hours of operation
    • Links for calling, emailing, or sharing building information with other GoodMaps users
    • Access to Favorites, recent searches, and nearby destinations
  • Destination Information Cards offer you the ability to:
    • Choose walking 
    • View the 
    • Access
    • Read
    • Access 

POI Card

GoodMaps 2.0 vs 1.0

Building and Destination information Cards are new additions to the GoodMaps 2.0 experience.


How do I access Building and Destination Information Cards?

Cards load automatically upon Check-In to a building or selection of a destination within a building. Simply swipe up on the card to view all the contained information.