Augmented Reality (AR) View

Learn more about the AR View feature in the GoodMaps app.


Augmented Reality (AR) View bridges the physical and digital worlds. While en route, users see visual routing directions and information about nearby points of interest superimposed onto the physical environment. The 2D Visual Map is also present at the bottom of the screen and tracks the user’s progress along a route.    
Highlights & Specifications
  • Turn-by-turn directions appear at the top of the screen
  • The screen shows what the phone's camera sees as a user is navigating to a destination. 
  • The correct path to a chosen destination is superimposed on the screen along with icons that mark other important rooms and Points of Interest (POIs), like restrooms, stores, and terminals, to name a few. 

GoodMaps 2.0 vs 1.0
AR View is new to the GoodMaps 2.0 experience. 


How do I know AR View is activated?

AR View activates automatically after the GoodMaps app has identified your location in a building and you are holding the phone vertically. While en route, your phone screen should display turn-by-turn routing instructions, the path you are walking, and icons marking destinations along your route.

What if I prefer to see the Map View while en route?

You can swipe up on the live Map at the bottom of the screen or lower your phone horizontally to hide AR View.

What if I don't want to see the AR View while routing?

Soon, users will be able to turn off AR View altogether in the app Settings found in the Menu on the bottom navigation bar on the GoodMaps app screen.